Advantage of Frame Scaffolding System


Advantage of Frame Scaffolding System

Frame scaffolding is perhaps the most popular scaffolding system used in the Malaysian construction industry and a staple found in all scaffolding system suppliers, having seen use for several decades and still being used in construction projects large or small. The popularity of the frame scaffolding system in Malaysia as well as throughout the world results from the several following advantages.


In construction projects, time is money. The simplicity of Dahtec’s frame scaffolding system allows for easy and thus, easy, assembly, saving significant amount of time in both erection and dismantling processes. This saves cost further as scaffolding systems are rented usually from scaffolding suppliers.


Dahtec’s frame scaffolding systems are made of high strength steel tubing and heavy-duty rated, therefore deliver excellently in terms of safety. The safe and sturdy nature of frame scaffolding is further enhanced by its simplistic nature, allowing workers to work with less to worry about their safety.

Having a great variety of lock types and tube sizes enable Dahtec’s frame scaffolding systems to be used for an assortment of masonry, maintenance and shoring work. Availability of mason, ladder, walkthrough and pedestrian canopy frames allow for greater scaffolding rental options, enabling the scaffolding system to be used virtually any area and corners.