How to Set Up Scaffolding Erection & Formwork System


How to Set Up Scaffolding Erection & Formwork System

If your construction work involves working on altitudes of more than two storeys high and there is no access indoors, especially when steel formwork system is involved, it is a good idea to rent and erect a scaffolding system. Here is how to go about it.

Setting base
Get mud sills or base plates and attach them the scaffolding to ensure you have a secure base, and make sure that it is level. If the surface is on a drastic slope, it is recommended to go for leg extensions. If your plan involves moving your scaffolding around, get casters. If you would be using a steel formwork system later, this is even more crucial.

Lay the ends of your scaffolding system out. Lift one end piece, and attach the upper cross brace, which should support it while doing the same with second end piece. Get the cross brace ends secured to the bottom of the opposite end frame. Make sure the erected scaffolding is stable before placing and fastening the planks into place. Attach guardrails to avoid risk of falling.

Final inspection
Make sure your erected scaffolding system is properly set up and safe to maneuver around without risk of tipping over. If you would be using a ladder instead of climbing the scaffolding itself, it is recommended to use ladders designed for use with that specific scaffold.