Dahtec Modular System (DMS)

DAHTEC MODULAR SYSTEM (DMS) is a multilevel and multidirectional scaffolding system . The system is manufactured in compliance with the European Standard HD1000, British Standard BS1139: Part 5 and BS EN 12810 – 1& 2. This scaffolding system is suitable for use in Building and Public Works, Historic Monuments, Industry, Shows and Special Events, and scaffolding erection can be easily done . Each leg is capable of supporting a load of 3.5 tonnes and consists of an adjustable leg and standards fitted with stirrups – the key parts of the system – allowing the standards to be linked together, by conventional DMS horizontal members and diagonal braces.

Modular Construction System Supplier Of Scaffolding

Product Advantages

Safe Erection
A single erector can secure a horizontal member to a leg. The wedge key immediately products a secure system.

During assembly, the wedge clamp system ensures a perfect right-angle attachment between the horizontal members while it allows rotation to any angle from 0 to 90˚. The horizontal members can be positioned in any of the major orientations from 0 to 180˚ on a single stirrup. Two horizontal members can be assembled in parallel.

Less Storage Space
The DMS legs fit perfectly into one another, thus taking up less storage space.

Suspended & Cantilever
DMS offers various erection possibilities:

  • Simple construction of a cantilever scaffolding
  • Construction of suspended scaffolding by bolting on sleeves