Types of Scaffolding Modular System Component


Types of Scaffolding Modular System Component

Modular scaffolding is perhaps the most advanced type of scaffolding systems available. Due to being a more common choice for construction use in Europe than it is in Malaysia, the modular scaffolding system is not as widely supplied in the country. Two types of modular scaffolding system are supplied for construction use in Malaysia as well as elsewhere in the world – cup-lock modular system, and ring-lock/all-around modular system.

Cup-lock modular system
The Cup-lock modular system features a node point allowing for connection of up to four horizontal members to one vertical member in a single clamping action, without use of nuts, bolts or wedges. The two-cup styled locking device, which results in only a simple procedure required for erecting the system, enables the system to be easily and quickly set up. The system can also be erected in a curved, circular and straight configuration, to support and provide access to mobile towers.

Ring-lock/All-around modular system
The Ring-lock/All-around modular system is named after its node point, a ring with openings allow for up to eight connections of horizontal or diagonal members with wedge heads, which can be easily fixed in place with a hammer. The high rigidity of this system allows for scaffolding that is more ambitious and elaborated; having no loose parts enable this system to require less maintenance, due to being more resilient and having greater lifespan.

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